Reflection Of Self Reflection

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to self-reflect on my own worldview, values and beliefs and how those may challenge or facilitate my professional work. My value that pedophiles are immoral has been passed down from my family. It helps define my behavior in various contexts because it provides me with a personal code of conduct of which to live by. My value and my belief that those who are attracted to children are sick individuals and are immoral may create an ethical dilemma when working with pedophiles because of my preconceived notions. However, there are things I can do to ensure that I will not be reactive with this client and provide the best care to be effective when working with this client. Personal Values and Beliefs My mother has always been a working mother, so I had various babysitters from family members to trusted neighbors. One thing my mother was always fearful was of pedophiles. Most of the times those who abuse children are those close to the victim and their family, and that was her biggest fear. It was like every time I would go to my babysitters she would remind me of the importance of confiding in her if something happened, whether if it was that I got in trouble, if my sitter yelled at me, or if the sitter did anything that I thought was disrespectful. The main message from that was that it is not acceptable for adults to harm children in any way! One incident that I experienced as a child was my neighbor asked me if I wanted to watch a

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