Reflective Essay On Pedophiles

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Introduction The purpose of this paper is to self-reflect on my own worldview, values and beliefs and how those may challenge or facilitate my professional work. My value that pedophiles are immoral has been passed down from my family. It helps define my behavior in various contexts because it provides me with a personal code of conduct of which to live by. My value and my belief that those who are attracted to children are sick individuals and are immoral may create an ethical dilemma when working with pedophiles because of my preconceived notions. However, there are things I can do to ensure that I will not be reactive with this client and provide the best care to be effective when working with this client. Personal Values and Beliefs…show more content…
Pedophilic act has a devastating impact on the victims immediate and long-term both mental and physical health and social life. They damage their victims! Therefore, pedophiles who harm children lack empathy, especially if they are not remorseful. They tend to minimize or justify their actions. I strongly believe there needs to be consent to engage in intercourse, so it is wrong to engage in sex without consent, because children cannot assent to sex it is non-consensual, which makes it immoral. The ethical issue to consider is that when working with these individuals I will not be at a neutral stance. I would want to change their thinking, I would wish I could get inside their head and change their cognitions. However, I cannot impose my values on these individuals. A child is a pedophile’s sexual gratification and the treatment goals is not to change their sexual arousal, but to change their behavior when faced with those arousals. Moreover, a conflict of interest for me would be working with an individual who is not remorseful for his or her behavior, it would be challenging without the individual genuinely wanting to 1) be remorseful and 2)
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