Reflection Of Sex Therapy

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Reflection Journal: Sexual History Analysis. Apparently, all people who look for a sex therapist have fears about sex therapy. It is very human to be scared of any therapy just because everyone wants to be healthy and happy. On the other hand, it is also very human to initiate behaviour intended to conquer the challenging situation and try to find ways to fix problems as easy as possible and avoid unnecessary complications, especially with the sexual partners. I am absolutely sure that you need to be courageous to go to the sex therapist: You have to share your intimate problems with an unfamiliar person and expose your soul before your partner and another person. It is not that simple to do something like this when you were raised in a family and society where sex had never been a talking point. Actually, I do not mean that I had any serious problems or misfortunes in my childhood. I was lucky to grow up in a full family with loving parents, my sister and grandparents. I was on good terms with everybody, but my precious confident was my mother. She has always created a special atmosphere in our house. Emotions never ran too high in our family; till now, my parents think that any arguments can be resolved in a peaceful and reasonable way without showing aggression and disrespect. In terms of respect, positive attitude to life and argument resolution, our parents have always been our role models. They have very much in common with each other and of course, they share the same
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