Reflection Of Social Organizational Psychology

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In one of my courses, social organizational psychology, it shaded light on organizational behaviors. In the class, there are many theories to improve well-being of the people in organization. To understand more about it and know how to apply those theories in real life organizational problem, I have a chance to interview my own mother about her problem in the work life. She works at PTT Public Company Limited, one of the most famous petroleum company in Thailand. It is the company which has large number of employees and contains many departments. My mother usually complain about her teammates and her leader during dinner time. Sometimes she also said that she does not want to go to work anymore because see feel uncomfortable at her work place. At first, I did not actually pay close attention to what see is saying because I think that it is not a big problem and from the smart look women that she has I believe that she can figure it out by herself. However, after I have took the course I notice that it is a big problem which can affect my mother psychologically health and her job satisfy. Therefore, I choose her as my interviewee so that I can know about her problem more and also to use what I have learned to help her. From the interview, my mother told me that there is one period of time when she is not actually happy with her work life because she cannot get along with her teammates and her leader; however, she has no problem with her assigned work. Her problem prove the

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