Reflection Of Sociology: Culture, Cultures, And Values

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In sociology we primarily focus on culture, values, and norms and explore the way these components shape society. Society is a group of people that live and interact in a defined area that share a common culture. Culture is the customs, attitudes, values, rituals, languages and beliefs that a group of people follow. It is usually passed from one generation to the next. All of us are born into the culture that our parents and families practice. It comes natural to us and we tend to ignore the fact that there are so many other cultures in the world. When I was a baby, I moved to the island of Trinidad and Tobago from New York. I was only five months when I moved, so of course I grew up adapting an island life culture, which is characterized as being…show more content…
To top it off, the things that I was being taught I had already learned when I was 6 years old. I know you are probably wondering how did I end up at Broward College, well let’s just say that after having to learn the same thing that I learnt 6 years ago over again, I gave up and fell into the “wrong crowd”. It was a massive cultural change for me. I eventually adapted into it but it took a lot out of me. One thing that really shocked me while growing up in America was the way that all the different classes stuck to their own group. The “rich” kids did not talk to the less fortunate kids and vice versa. It was something I had to get use to because I grew up talking to and helping any and every one. I noticed that everyone (in America) was so focused on their image and impressing others. Charles Horton Cooley spoke about this, he called it “The Looking-Glass Self” this is where one imagines how they appear to those around them, they interpret others reaction and then they develop a
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