Reflection Of Socrates's Apology

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In the Apology, Socrates is on trial where he is defending himself. Socrates begins to face the consequences for his actions. In his journey to find a stance on right and wrong he encounters many people of different classes. I believe Socrates position on knowing things is correct. I am in agreeance with his statement because it is better to be aware of what you don 't know in order to learn. People who believe that they know everything, feel as though they have nothing else to learn. Throughout the Apology readers are able to see the process Socrates went through during his trial. The effort he put into his own defense to prove his points on knowledge and people.Socrates’s defense is very important because it determines if the jury will acquit him or will he be sentenced to death. Although he had his own beliefs of his outcome, he still dug deeper into understanding the knowledge of people to be used on his behalf. Within this storyline three groups of people, three different kinds of wisdom, and his charges being held against him are discussed. Socrates is correct on his position of other classes and their knowledge. Along his journey for understanding he encounters three classes. The first class being the politicians, their mindset are similar to modern time politicians still. Many of them believe that they know the answer to everything. Even if those men do not know the answer, they give off the impression to other that they have the answer. They have convinced
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