Reflection Of Student Diversity

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Hurtado, S. 2001 defines student diversity as an understanding that each individual is unique, and knowing our individual differences. So only in recognizing and appreciating student’s diversity will a climate favorable to learning be fully internalized and incorporated. Thus, a critical part of every teacher’s role is to ensure that the equal opportunity that we hold to be central to our nationhood is translated into equal opportunity in day-to-day life in the classroom. Throughout the years of my experience I have noticed that some teachers value the importance of getting to know as much of each student as possible, in terms of: family, background, interests, dislikes and learning styles. Hence, at the beginning of each school year every teacher starts developing a student profile which they know will help provide a deeper understanding of their students’ unique interests, styles and abilities. Being well acquainted with students becomes an asset in providing them an opportunity to develop their fullest potentials by focusing on the weakness and strengths of individual student when grouping them to conduct activities or class work (teaching diverse students 1789). Some teachers use diversity grouping because it encourages children to socialize and engage in more meaningful activities which develops a greater awareness of their differences and discovery of talents/skills. Opposing, whenever grouping students, sometimes teachers incline students to select others of their own

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