Reflection Of Swapnil

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Swapnil Mittal is an intelligent and hardworking student. He tries unconventional and novel methods in order to arrive at solutions. He is able to work independently and is blessed with an inquisitive mind which occasionally makes him foray beyond the prescribed curriculum and undertake independent study. I have been teaching him Chemistry since last year, i.e. when he in grade Eleven and am his Chemistry teacher this year too. In the course of the two years, I have covered the entire range of topics that fall under the heads of Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry in high school. Additionally, I also supervise all lab sessions. Swapnil’s was the first batch I taught upon joining the Sardar Patel Vidyalaya in New Delhi. I have found that Swapnil is a quick learner, has a proclivity for Chemistry and has uncanny problem solving capabilities. In that context, I would share with you an incident that highlights his observation powers, heightened sense of responsibility for our and our environment’s safety, apart from desire to reduce wasteful expenditure. This happened last year, during one of test practicals I was conducting. That was also one of the earliest interactions I had with Swapnil. That day, I asked my students to conduct tests to detect the presence of chloride anion in a given salt. Alarmed at seeing his peers pour the chemicals down the sink, he approached me and apprised me of his concern. We agreed to decide a protocol regarding how we got rid of the
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