Reflection Of Teachers

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Teacher and trainers are lifelong learners hence they must value reflection and evaluation as of their own practice and continue professional development as teachers. It is important that they use ways to reflect, evaluate and use research to develop their own practice and can share these good and effective practices with other colleagues who are also engaged in continuous professional development. One of the qualities of a good teacher is the ability to reflect on what, why and how the adapt and develop practices that are lifelong learning because it is the key to successful learning in the professional filed it helps one to structure and work on the practice through required changes and development. Today the concept of reflection is used in various teacher education program to help the pre-service and in-service teachers clarify their ideas about their own teaching practices to be able to evaluate the ideas put forth and help develop capacities that will enable them to evaluate and improve their own practices and this is a continuous life long process as a teacher or anyone who seeks to improve upon their knowledge needs to necessarily a lifelong learner who is constantly improving one’s practice towards betterment. According to Day (2001) “Reflection is necessary for all teachers to maintain their effectiveness and without engaging in reflective practices it is unlikely that we will be able to understand the effects of motivation, prejudice and aspirations in the ways

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