Reflection Of Teaching Brazilian Literature

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I have been teaching Brazilian Literature since I finished my Master’s. I started at a private high school planning strategies to overcome the students’ reluctance to read canonical novels. Some of the students were fascinated to quickly consume best-sellers from any other nationality, rather than to contemplate a book by a Brazilian or a Portuguese author written dozens of years ago. I realized in practice what I have discussed with my colleagues at disciplines on teaching theory: the role of the Literature teacher was beyond showing aesthetics or cultural values or relationships between literature and power in the society. As a teacher of Literature in Portuguese, I should teach language as well, from Camões to Guimarães Rosa, since the students (as well as the teacher) must “trespass” language borders, and so I should strategically arrange the readings in the syllabus. Besides, I should make a relationship between the students’ reality and the reading of texts of different cultures and times. One of the most remarkable reading projects on doing so was the one in which I suggested the study of a web of texts (including canonical novel, contemporary narratives, recent newspaper articles, films, songs) on a specific theme (representation of minorities, sci-fi, romance through time). During my PhD, I got in touch with teaching at the University. While attending some of the disciplines on Brazilian Literary Criticism taught by my dissertation advisor (Professor Antonio Arnoni

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