Reflection Of Teaching Mathematics For Students In The Classroom

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Day 1
Today I went to the first class session which is 4 Cempaka. I taught them modern mathematics for two period’s class. The surrounding outside the class is very noisy. Most of the students in this school were very talkative. I’m little bits nervous at first but then I can manage to control it. By listening to my mentor, I need to teach in the faster pace but students also need to understand what they have learnt due to we were compulsory completing syllabus before final examination begins. Students in this class have poor basic content knowledge. Because of that, I need to teach one-by-one for each group. I’m only successful to cover one subtopic for today’s session. So, I’m not following my lesson plan that includes two subtopics need to be covered. Most of the students can understand what I taught them but it must be in slow pace learning. Moreover, I need to help them to recap back and memorize what they have learnt in math. For the next class, I need to talk loudly because students at the back can’t hear my voice clearly. I’m also feeling shame when Chinese students can speak English very well and one more thing that I felt shame when I’m mistakenly spoke with wrong pronunciation with one of the Chinese students. I only have one class for today.

Day 2
I have taught mathematics to the students in form 4 Cempaka. At first, I have explained correctly about alternate segment for the SPM past year question. But, when one of the students asks me about certain question I

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