Reflection Of Teaching Practicum

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“Practicum” is a practical section of a course of study. However, teaching practicum entails a more significant meaning than that. Adding just the word “teaching” to it makes the definition of the word “Practicum” rather vague. In reality, teaching practicum is not a teaching practice. It is about one’s professionalism and credentials. If he or she does not possess these qualities, teaching will not take place at all. That is why teaching practicum is deemed as a serious matter and that is why many senior students are apprehensive about this. Before the practicum, I, like most of other senior students, was extremely nervous because teaching practicum was considered as the most difficult course of the three-and-a-half year experience at the institute. I went through sleepless nights, imagining myself standing in front of everyone and under careful scrutiny. I feared of the social event that I was about to go through and fear of failure because I did not know what would be the right things to do as it was my first time ever being a teacher. I felt like what I have learned for the whole semester one was only about theories, methodologies and concepts of successful teaching and learning practices but nothing was practical to resolve the uncertainty I experienced. However, the orientation and practicum workshop did shed some lights for me. On the orientation day, I learned about previous teacher trainees ‘experience of what to do and not to do, and how to prepare myself. In

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