Reflective Essay On Jesus

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Theological Reflection Paper
The Character of God God as a revealer means that God reveals himself to those who seek Him. There are many ways that God chooses to reveal Himself. The first way was to Adam and Eve in the garden. God could be intimate with them and walk with them. The next way He reveals Himself is through His Word. The Bible has many different aspects and recordings of God revealing Himself to different people. From dreams to a burning bush, God uses audible voice and even sent Jesus to be the ultimate revelation. Jesus came to be the light in the darkness. As John says in his gospel, Jesus was and is the word from the beginning (John 1:1, ESV). God reveals many things about His character in how He chose to love us despite how we have continually spit in His face and turned our backs. God also uses
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There is the conservative view with says that the Bible is the infallible word of God and we do not need to guess what He is like or what He gives us in Christ (Richards & Bredfeldt, 1998, p. 30). This would affect a person’s teaching by giving them a hope and truth to stand by. The liberal view gives the Bible a whole new meaning. This view states that the Bible is not necessary and does not contain truth. People teaching with this view would not use that Bible at all and would teaching that it is only in living that God can be known (Richards & Bredfeldt, 1998, pp. 30-31). The next view is the neo-orthodox view. This means not Christian, however, they do not completely disregard the Bible like the liberals do. They believe that it is the word of God, but because of the men who wrote the Bible is it full of error. This would affect their teaching because they do not hold the Bible as infallible (Richards & Bredfeldt, 1998, pp. 31-32). Each of these views have different expectations of the Bible and what they hold as truth and what is inspired by
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