Reflection Of The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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Witness to History In late January, 1933 the world's’ sickest man Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany and leader of the Nazis. So this began the Holocaust. In 1944 a man Elie Wiesel experiences a year of suffering and torment, taken captive in the Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust. He writes about these important events of his life in his book, Night. In Night, Wiesel describes every detail of this year from the moment he smelt the fire of burning bodies when they pulled up to the concentration camp, to when he lost his mother and sister and eventually his father. He writes about how his identity changed after sent to Auschwitz. The Holocaust was a sickening genocide that killed off about 6 million Jews. There are many people who wonder why it happened. I believe it happened because Hitler and his Nazi party believed that themselves and Germans were superior…show more content…
This story made me have more of a respect for them because of the harsh experience they had. The Jews were killed in masses and worked to death just because the Nazi’s didn’t like their religion and nationality. The way they were treated was heartbreaking and makes me feel a strong sadness for them. I have a disrespect for the Germans that worked in the concentration camps and put any contribution into the Holocaust. The book, Night teaches many lessons. One of the most important lessons being to never give up no matter what the circumstance. After being put through separation of his family, loss of his faith, loss of his freedom, constantly being starved, and losing his dad, Elie Wiesel never ended his life. Throughout the book, Elie was tempted to end his misery many times, but never gave up. This story also taught many people to be thankful for things like; your family, food, faith, water, your job, your school, your home, and freedom to be who you are without being hated and tortured for
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