Reaction Paper About The Holocaust

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In the past, there were many bad and good incidences that have happened in our world, but there is one event that’s considered as one of the most heartbreaking incidences. I believe that everybody must have heard about the holocaust. The holocaust was an event during World War ll.
It began with discrimination in Jews. Many jews were murdered during the holocaust, ordered by Adolf Hitler from Nazi party who wanted to murder the entire Jewish population in Europe. From the record, there was about 11 million Jews in Europe. During the Second World War, about six million of them were murdered, or we can say that half of Jews in Europe died during that period of time. The saddest part about this was how they were treated as less than human beings. They were separated from their family and sent to concentration camp across Europe.
All of them were called by their numbers that were screened on their skin on the first day they arrived. They had to shave their head and wore some dirty and thin clothes that Nazi provided. They barely ate any food because there were not enough food for everyone. Moreover, they had to work very hard
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It teaches me not to see anyone less than the others. It teaches me to have sympathy for others. It teaches people not to repeat and create the next world war or the next genocide in this world. I also believe that we need a movie like this to remind us and the next generation to learn from the mistake. From my experience, learning about the holocaust in class is not effective. It didn’t really make me feel or understand how sad the event was. However, after I watched some of the movies or read a book that was written directly by a person who went to the camp, I feel sad and cry for it. I felt bad for the Jews in concentration camp, and after that, I can always remember this horrible incidence. This is why I think Holocaust movie is an important tool to maintain peace in this
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