Reflection Of The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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The Holocaust was a very gruesome yet interesting point in history. Many people now would cringe at the thought of what horrible things happened during that time. People treated other people like lesser beings because of certain ideologies. It was a time when the thought of a whole race’s extinction was to make the world a better place. This can be seen as one of the worst man made tragedies to have taken place. I have read many different books and movies about the Holocaust but most of them are all from the perspective of a Jew survivor or an outsider. I have not seen much on the side of the ‘oppressing’ side; the side of the German Nazis. The movie of the Boy in the Striped Pajamas, while fictional to a certain extent, can be seen as a very good example of how different people see the world and how they choose to live their lives. The movie presented many different issues through the use of plot and character development that were very thought-provoking. The prime issue was the fidelity of the German soldiers and the common German citizen that lead to the point of eliminating another race. To us, it was an extremely immoral act to commit but consider the fact that there are times when pride may blind us into doing anything we think is right. Bruno’s father, Ralf believed wholeheartedly that what he were doing was right. While many other characters did not support his judgment like his mother and later on his own wife, he stood by what he believed in until an unfortunate
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