Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka Analysis

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Gregor’s Family Response It is evident that Gregor’s family still considers him as part of the family in spite of his transformation into an insect. However, the sense of family integrity and community is significantly compromised since his new image prevents the family from sharing food or spending time together in the same room. It is evident that the family is stressed to the extent that they feel repulsed at the mere sight of him. His mother suffers the most since she faints when she sees him (Kafka 56), while his father chases him around when he leaves his room and does not bother to visit him. Meanwhile, his sister only takes care of him because she feels it is her duty do so and not because she cares for him.
The Metamorphosis presents a narrative embodied in absurdity and chaos. The author develops a narrative structure that ingrates a second person narration and dialogue. These contribute in demonstrating the absurd situation where a man is transformed into a bug. The various transformations that are experienced in the narrative by
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The consideration of unaccomplished goals, a life not fully lived, missing lost love or loved ones and the impending untimely demise. These are among the issues that Kafka brings about in the narrative as the four protagonist come to terms with his predicament and the possible outcomes. Death becomes a prospect that haunts the characters; where Kafka employs the use of dark imagery, language and atmospheric undertones to illustrate the characters ' position, feelings and fears as they consider their potential deaths in the face of a stormy sea (Kafka 80). Kafka employs the use of imagery, dialogue and dark undertones in the narrative to depict the inevitability of death. As such, nature demonstrates its power, force and indifference towards them through the violent stormy sea and threatening
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