Reflection Of The House Of Usher

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The House of Usher, as described by the narrator, is a dark and ominous place. Its walls are crumbling, and the whole building looks very decrepit. The narrator found himself on a journey to the House of Usher because the current head of the house, Roderick Usher, sent him a letter. He was asking for the narrator to visit him, and the narrator agreed to this sojourn for the reason that he had not seen Usher in many years, and Usher’s letter describes a mental illness. The narrator arrives to find Usher seemingly different from the last time he saw him. I agree with Lovecraft on their view that the house, which has also changed, seems to be strangely connected to the people living there, and cannot continue standing after they are dead. When the narrator first arrives at the House of Usher, he takes in the gloomy appearance of the building. The aura surrounding the building was ominous in itself, and describes the feeling the mansion gave when looked at as “an utter depression of the soul” and also states that “there was an iciness, a sinking, a sickening of the heart.” on page 294. After meeting Usher, the narrator describes his persona as first seeming very cordial, but the narrator then realizes his true sincerity after a glance. The narrator also describes Usher’s appearance on page 298 as having “a cadaverousness of complexion.” Usher’s run down appearance could also be tied to the house. If the House of Usher is strangely connected to its inhabitants, the house’s own
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