Reflection Of The Movie Masaan

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The movie Masaan is directed by Neeraj Ghywan. The film shooting took place in Benaras ( the eastern part of Uttarpradesh). The film runs with two different life stories parrallely and ends with a hope of new beginning of life 's with the concept of - Moving On! The characters in the movie show a simple attire and below middle class families struggling for their livelihood.( Shopkeeper , burning dead bodies). The Music in the film is not portrayed much BT enhanced beautifully with dialogues in form of shayaris with rythmic effect. The film depicts the stages of immature love getting converted to mature love and makes the characters realise that love doesn 't has positive happy effect bt has negative sad effects also. The today 's scenario of loveship and excitement levels for partners is also revealed in a beautiful soothing manner without hurting the sentiments of audience.…show more content…
Coming to the positive effective scenes, the scene of how a father tries to save his daughter from the cop( blackmailer) and works hard to raise money beyond his limit. The supportive agenda of father to lift his daughter in career and motivates to stand with same confidence again which really proves to be correct. The scenes are shooted in all beautiful and admiring manner though it may be the romantic scenes between the couples or the lifestyle of people in Benaras village. All the emotions are easily conveyed either it is the sad feeling of losing someone in life 's, the feeling of guilt after facing a shame , the feeling of achieving success in love proposals. The scene in which the cop himself has a daughter BT couldn 't understand the pain of a father which depicts the cruelty in him happens to be a catchy scene to describe his character. The intension of character devi after getting in trouble of sexual shame and guilt and tries to save other couple from getting committed the same mistake reveales her rectification towards her
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