Mermaids Movie Analysis

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Mermaids The movie, Mermaids, starts in 1963 and is about a family who consists of the mother, Mrs. Flax or Rachel, the two daughters; Charlotte and Kate. When the family moves into a new house in Eastport, and they meet Joe. He becomes a big part of the movie and their life in this movie. Some days after does Mrs. Flax meets the shoe seller, Lou. After some time meeting, they plan to go on a date and later, they become a pair. The day that John. F. Kennedy gets shot, she goes up to the church to Joe. He is sad but Charlotte then imagines herself kissing him. She sees weird creatures everywhere and gets very scared that she runs off. Charlotte thinks that she is pregnant but won’t tell her mother or anyone. The only one she thinks who can help is her father who left. Charlotte, therefore, drives away to Connecticut and stay at a random house. The family asks her about her own family but lies about who they are. After Mrs. Flax and Lou finds Charlotte, she goes to the doctor and finds out that she isn’t pregnant. In the new year,…show more content…
We see that when the car stops, the music starts playing and when Joe turns around, he sparkles and kinda look like an angel. Charlotte is very nervous and never had a feeling like that before. She thinks that it’s God that can make her not fall in love with him because she is Christian. In the start of the movie, she thinks that God makes a woman pregnant and not because of the bird and the bees. I think that the turning point is when she drives away to Connecticut. She finds out that she wants a family with a real-life dad and a happy family. In the end, where Charlotte goes to the doctor and finds out that she isn’t pregnant she grows up a bit. Some days after when she and Kate are alone, Charlotte and Joe have sex. That is one of the main things that you learn about and experience when you grow from and child to an
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