Reflection Of The Movie Patch Adam

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Another inspired and powerful movie entitled "Patch Adam". A movie which based on a true story that is really needed by medical students. This movie will describe and teach to be a great doctor which dedicate their life for humanity and not only treat disease but also to improve the quality of life.
This movie show that every failure has seeds of success built in it. Hunter Adam who was the main role of this movie ever fell to the lowest part of his life which made him should be bought to psyciathric hospital. There he found his new life puposed by wanted to be a physician and his name was given a nickname "patch" by one of the patient there as if he pacthed a hole of his life. There he started again and went into medical school even though he should be the oldest student there.
The important rule to be a great doctor is to maintain communication between a doctor and their patients. Small gestures have a big impact. Just ask the patient name instead of asking about her ilness will really give her a big strength. Little things for you can be big for others. When the patient will feel comfort to the doctor then she will freely told her complaint about her ilness.
Then learn how to emphaty towards people. In the movie, Patch was really understand his patients and try to drag out of their missery. He always try to make a cheerful athmospher with his humoral side.
A doctor also should have a great attitude towards everyones. In the movie, doctor was seem as a honorable state in
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