Reflection Of The Movie Psycho

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While watching the movie Psycho I found many different things that in today 's society is not acceptable or it 's not practiced anymore. The first thing I noticed was there is a man that will purchase a house for his 18 year old daughter, and the man looks very happy that his daughter is getting married. In today 's world, at least in America very few slightly 18 year old get marry we rarely see that happen. Times have changed the majority of the part couples get married at older age late 20 's early 30 's, after finishing their careers. The third thing I notice was when the women gets pulled over by a sheriff and the sheriff politely asks the woman what was going on why was she parked on the side of the road. The woman replies saying she was falling asleep so decided to rest. Im pointing this part out because nowadays if you get pulled over your job is to answer politely to the sheriff no excuses or demands towards the officer especially you don’t ask why do I have to show you my license? In the movie the woman asks the sheriff why and says she was in a hurry and had to go and the sheriff even said please can I see your license. Today 's world you won 't be hearing an officer please and if anything you are more likely to get a ticket for disobeying to refuse to take out your license. The woman then gives her back to the officer while reaching to her purse to get her license, if you would that today you would look suspicious and will be asked to step out the vehicle.
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