Reflection Of The National Honor Society

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The National Honor Society is a top-notch group that many want to be part of, but for all of the wrong reasons. There are many traits one needs to successfully participate in the group; Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. During the course of my life, I dedicated it to learning new subjects and striving for top marks in my classes. Learning is an immense passion of mine that will continue to thrive. Throughout the years, I observed that certain people led their group to the correct path. Leaders steered their companions’ queries into one of understanding. The realization that everyone could not take this role upon their shoulders perked my interest. Only a select few could fit the script, if they had the right character. A leader…show more content…
I realized that the position where I stood was one highly anticipated and wanted in my heart. I was overjoyed that I could finally help others in their time of misunderstanding and doubt. Many years went like this, helping others and achieving high grades, but I realized that something was wrong. I didn’t invest myself in my partners. To truly enhance a group’s work, one needed to initiate a deeper understanding with one another to create greater solutions and outcomes. I then joined several clubs that allowed me to be more knowledgeable with friendships and serve the community. I did as much as I could, helping in the Manchester Road Race, Can Drives, homes for the elderly, babysitting children while their parents conferenced with teachers, and so much more. With all these qualities under my sleeve, I needed somewhere that would let me use them throughout the entirety of my membership in the group. NHS allowed and preferred that my qualities were to be used constantly and efficiently in the club. Hopefully, I will be accepted into the NHS where I can use my Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character skills and put them to good
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