Reflection Of The Primary Aspects Of Pedagogy And Andragogy

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CRITICAL REFLECTION 2 Take a moment to fill in the following with the primary assumptions of pedagogy and andragogy. Be sure to rephrase each assumption in your own words, as this will help you to internalize the concepts. • Need to Know Pedagogy This word has a Greek origin and by definition, it is that teaching approach in which children as a student are focused. The basic assumption for this is that Pedagogy is all about engaging kids in learning without letting them know that’s why they need to be taught and what is the need for learning and being educated. Andragogy Like pedagogy, andragogy also has Greek origin but it is that teaching methodology or approach in which adults are focused. The assumption for this is that adults must know the reason behind learning so that they can make up their mind for grasping the new theories and concepts which will help them in understanding in a more better way. • Self-Concept Pedagogy The child due to his lack of experience and knowledge is not able to complete the tasks by himself and thus need guidance from the teacher in order to achieve his target. Andragogy As an adult grows he becomes more self-oriented and self-made. He, due to his experience and knowledge is able to complete the task independently without any guidance or help • Experience Pedagogy A child is dependent upon the experiences of his teachers who provides him with the guideline. He himself has a very limited experience which cannot help him.

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