Reflection Of The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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“The Road Not Taken”, written by Robert Frost in 1916, is a poem set in the vast confines of nature like many of other Frost’s works. He wrote about coming to a crossroads decision and picking the one less traveled. One theme of the poem is that it is important to take your own path in life. Frost includes how you should not conform to your peers’ views of success and happiness. But, he asserts that you cannot go back in time and change what path you did choose, so you better choose your path wisely. No-one wants to have regrets when they are older. I think there is always at least one point in everyone’s lives that we come to a crossroads decision that shapes our destiny. I honestly believe I would not be happy or on the right path today if it were not for initially picking the workforce over college. Dad raised me a businessman, restaurateur specifically. He always preached expansion within our restaurant. Plans for opening new locations and how we could work as a family to get there always included in his lectures. At that time, school was not right for me. My headspace was not on educating myself. I had no idea what I would want to do other than working in the family business because that is all I ever really knew. I saw college as something you had to get done to get a good job, and I have never wanted a job. I just always have wanted to make my own place on this Earth. I did start going to school when I realized that Dad, in the 19 years I had known him, had grown
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