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• What does the subject Business Etiquette & Service Excellence (BESE) mean to you?
To me BESE is an interesting topic to learn. Every lesson, I am continuously learning new things and the lesson is really fun. The lessons are preparing me by ensure that I have the basic knowledge regarding BESE and it act as guide for me while I’m on internship.

By learning BESE, I know how to handle the different circumstances in the working world. Everything that taught in BESE may not happen but if really occurs I can react to the situation properly. It also means that if I were to work in the office or in the hospitality line there are different ways to perform. In the office, they will expect me to be responsible and finish my work before
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By widening my knowledge regarding the different culture will help prevent me from creating conflict and misunderstanding with the clients.

• The best way to provide service excellence to customer is to preach what you had study. From this way I am constantly practicing and perfecting the skills. As a Leisure & Resort Management student I trust that we can provide Service Excellence by treating the people right. For a start, try to be in some else shoe and imagine what I will do if I was in the same situation as them. By showing empathy I can learn to treat other people correctly. Some people might have reason why they are behaving in a certain manner therefore it is our job to be more understanding.

• Professional in the working world means know how to act in different situations, dress appropriately for different occasion and be responsible for yourself. Learn by listening and observing the surrounding is important. Follow the right footsteps at work and acquire knowledge that is indispensable. As I was taught during BESE that I might encounter corporate politics at work therefore this lesson will explain why corporate politics
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In this hospitality industry, a first good impression is important especially when you are making an introduction. Different positions and status required different form of respect. I believe we need earned the respect by giving the person the respect first. I believe this topic is useful especially now when I’ am about to start my internship soon. Therefore learning about customer perception can help me during internship as an intern, earn to interact with the seniors working there. It is important I listen to the senior advises well as they are the ones who will be guiding me throughout my 6 months internship. Building a good rapport with them is highly

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