Reflection Of The Tell Tale Heart

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When a case of murder occurs, The suspected offender is put on trial and each and every small detail will determine his future. Once the jury convicts the man, a sentence is decided that fits the crime. The Death Penalty, Life without Parole, or 50 years in Prison, The Jury must review and find which suits the crime. “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe speaks about a mysterious man who lives in a discreet and lowly house with a old man. The story is told in First Person in perspective of the man. The man starts by telling how the old man has an odd vulture-like eye and how it disturbs and angers him greatly. He goes on about how he would stalk the old man during his sleep for 8 nights and how he would manipulate the old man. One night, the old man wakes up and a beam from a lantern shines on the odd eye. The man leaps out and strangles the old man with an bed sheet and goes on to dismember and hide the body. Police come in later in the night and after a search, they sit down to chat. The man starts hearing a thumping noise, and it crescendoed to a noise so loud he goes mad. He leaps up and rips the floorboards to reveal the corpse. Based on the evidence from the story and according to the 8th amendment, the Murderer is eligible and…show more content…
“The Tell Tale Heart” is a perfect example of what a 1st Degree Murder conviction requires, Premeditation and Intent to Kill. In Gregg vs. Georgia 1976, The Court concludes that the 8th Amendment allowed Capital Punishment. Capital Punishment was to be used in the most serious of cases with aggravating evidence and for serious offenders. The murderer in “The Tell Tale Heart” had deliberately strangled an elderly man and went on to dismember and conceal the old man 's corpse. This man is not mad, only dead in the heart. The job for a Court is to bring those guilty of crimes to justice, and to let this murderer off the hook for killing that old man. If the killer does not receive Capital Punishment, You might as well take another

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