Reflection Of The Three Values Of Social Work

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People’s values might be different from person to person, depending on their upbringings or the environment they were raised. In the following paper I will be discussing about my three personal values I use as guides to become a better person. At the same time, I will contrast my personal values to the six core values of social work. It is of extremely importance to reminiscent on my personal values as they can influence in my profession as a social worker.
Among the many values I possess, respect ranks first in my scale of values. For example, my mother instilled me the respect for everyone, especially the elderly. l have this immense feeling of empathy towards this group of people because as they grow older they become more vulnerable. Equally important, is the self-respect I have for my own self. This has worked wonderfully for me, as a result people treats me the way I like to be treated. Another important personal value, is honesty, as it is one of the main values instilled in me by my parents. I am a straightforward person, I always say what I think. At times with boldness, with no intention to hurt anyone, fortunately or unfortunately it is just part of my personality. A benefit of this trait is, I have noticed by speaking the truth, people tend to admire my honesty. In my personal view, this is helpful to build a trustworthy relationship between you and a person.
Finally, the third personal value is dedication. I find dedication to be an eminent personal value
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