The Underdogs Azuela Analysis

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Both the Heritage of World Civilization and An Imperial World book assists the learner understand the lineage of significant events along with the leadership and major conflicts that occurred. The Underdogs is a novel by Mariana Azuela that complements the story pointed out by the aforementioned literatures. I learned a lot from the reading material and the Tegrity sessions, but the Underdogs novel, gave me an inside view on what it was to be a part of the Mexican revolution. This first person story brings to light on the characters and viewpoints of the people during that time. I can really appreciate my personal upbringings when compared to the rough lifestyle of Mexicans during that timeline. I am more familiar to the subject…show more content…
The story, detailed with corruption, evil, love, lust, fear, and bravery. The federals behaved as one could expect of an early 19th century Mexican military. The Soldiers have free-range in that era to destroy, occupy, and exploit civilians for the benefit of the Army and self. Unfortunately, for them, they ran into Demetrio Macias and his family. Demetrio is a strong and well-respected native hero. Demetrio decides from that incident to arrange a group, and to bring the fight back as a radical revolution movement. Demetrio’s Army is made of the townsmen that destruction caused by the military. The group progresses in strength and loyalty as the battling continues. The local citizens praise Demetrio’s force as they fight for the inequalities of the people and everything that is wrong with their governmental system. They continue the fight for the better good along the way, Demetrio progresses in rank to general. As the venture continues corruption, and greed lures amongst the rank, of instances of insubordination, wrongful practices that strayed from their original objective. All of the sudden they mirror the federals in causing havoc and destruction from their abusive power with the same town they tried so hard to protect and fight

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