Reflection Of The Workplacement

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Introduction The workplacement was a part of HAN University of Applied Sciences’ Life sciences study program for students to gain real working and social experience in a professional laboratory environtment, either in academic or company background. It is therefore considered as a training for the graduation project and subsequently further scientific career path. My workplacement took place in Plant Research International of Wageningen University Research starting from 2nd February to 2nd July 2015. Under the supervision of Rumyana Karlova, I was given the chance to take a small part in her project to study the role of ripening-associated transcription factor Colorless non ripening (CNR) and plant hormone brassinosteroids in tomato fruit ripening process. In order to reflect upon my strength and weakness of my personal skills, a personal development plan (PDP) was prepared prior to the beginning of my workplacement period. For this purpose, I looked back on my weakness during my time studying in HAN and listed some of the competencies I can improve during the workplacement. These competencies include improving my understanding of the project theoritical background, management and admisitration, planning, practical skills, result analysis, as well as professional writing skills. In this report, I will reflect upon my actions to fulfill the goals I have prepared in the form of PDP, and the outcomes. This report will help me to formulate new learning goals for the next

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