Vivian Bearing Analysis

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Vivian Bearing is a woman with extreme intelligence and a passion for seventeenth-century poetry. She is passionate about her work from the sheer effort she puts to understand and grasp the concepts of the holy sonnets. She taught at a university where her class mentioned in the movie to be one of the hardest classes on campus. She also lacked compassion for her students who could not grasp the complexity of the sonnets or had serious life matters. Vivian became so indulged into the literature that she was at a disconnect when it came to people. Throughout the movie, she recollects her memories and sees the disconnect between her students and how ashamed she was. As well, she thought that her intelligence would lead to longevity. Through the…show more content…
Posner said that she was research, it rang so many bells that I did not catch through-out the movie. I thought Dr. Posner was just a bit shy of Vivian because he knew her on a personal level but it was all for research. The multitude of times Vivian tried to just have a normal conversation and he just brushed it off was ridiculous. If I do have any patients in the future I will try and respect their wishes and if I see anything that is a red flag I would talk to them about it. If I was a doctor would have talked to Vivian about wanting to be resuscitated or not. As well, we could clearly see that the research was hurting her so I probably would’ve stopped the research. Also, this movie relates to class readings about ethics because Dr. Posner was in the wrong for trying to resuscitate Vivian. He later figured out in that short time span that what he did was wrong. I believe this happens a lot in hospitals because of what doctors and physicians are taught. In Chapter 8 it talks about the ethics of hospitals and how doctors usually follow the code and rules but do not necessarily see the real-life scenario. The answer to some of these terminally ill patients is just to feel comfortable and not to be in
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