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This fall term I decided to take Dr. Jeff Harrison 's writing 121 class since it was required for my degree. Little did I know that it would drastically improve my righting and thought process. In Harrison 's writing class I have learned or improved my critical thinking, writing and reading skills. Well as enhancing my cultural awareness by helping me dig deeper into verbalizing my thoughts. In writing 121 I have faced many challenge and luckily with time I have over come them. When class first started I felt that we had a huge work load; it was hard--still is--to finish in time. The homework and essays required such critical thinking and cross analyzing that it made it challenging for me to complete my work. However other factors, such as what was going on in my outside of school, or family life contributed to the problem as well. Despite that I was always taught to finish what you started, so I never gave up and did all the work even if it was late. Though as time went on I found it easier to do the…show more content…
For instance I remember when we had done Peggy McIntosh 's essay "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack", Steve told a story about how he grew up in a diverse area and never noticed the problems mentioned by McIntosh. I recall him say that he went to the mall with his colored friends and noticed that people would stare towards him more when he was with his friends; rather than when he was alone. He realized that people were actually staring towards him since he was with colored people and not because they were a group of teenagers, which was what he thought before reading McIntosh 's essay. When I heard him say I thought to myself that white people usually factor out the fact about race, and believe that there must be another problem since they don 't want to be racist. However after reading the essay I realized that they 're completely oblivious about the fact and don 't do it on purpose. So I can say that this class has changed my view point

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