Reflection Of Writing And Writing

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I know I will never reach the point I can not learn any more about writing or reading, where I can no longer improve. I have tried so many things, done so many things, read so many things that impacted me and my view on the world, and through me, my writing. All of my experiences have molded me into who I am right now. I may already know how to ‘write’, to press buttons or move pencils until legible scribbles form, but I am still learning, and will continue to learn until I die, how to write. I am still learning how to infuse black ink with depth and meaning, to make my sloppy scrawl touch someone’s heart or influence them. I am not the perfect writer, but I will always strive to be. My attitude towards language arts will always be to grow and improve. As a reader, I am insatiable, voracious, and slightly obsessive. If I get entangled in the plot of a story, I will go to any length to finish it. I could read all day, if the book is good enough. I devour plots, and analyze characters so much that I feel like I know them personally. I read whenever I can, in the few minutes before school, as I brush my teeth and put on my shoes. I read before the lesson starts, and in between classes. Furthermore, as I do math homework after school, I make deals with myself to prevent myself from reading instead of doing work. “You can read two chapters after you reach problem #15,” I will often tell myself. Unfortunately, those two chapters often stretch to three… or seven.
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