Reflection On A Lesson Before Dying

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Travious 1 In the novel a A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines a lesson is being told. Not only one but several are being told. Jefferson is a main character that is accused of something he didn’t do. And that was robbing a liquor store. He was turned into an animal that he even called himself , hog. Jefferson didn’t have any hope until Grant came into his life and taught him a lesson before his life was up. Jefferson , A sincere sensitive, young black man of below average intelligence. Standing not knowing what to do, Jefferson had no idea his life was about to be taken away from him by false accusations and the courtroom. Jefferson was considered to be a wild animal that was meant to be killed and the courtroom sentenced him the electric chair. Jefferson had lost all hope and seen his life flash before his eyes. He began to live like an animal in the cell. He got accustomed to the life as a hog getting ready to die. Emma , Jefferson GodMother , a sweet old lady that has nothing but faith in god insisted on helping Jefferson every step of the way during his bad time. It hurted Miss Emma so bad she didn’t even want to go see Jefferson in the cell anymore, so she insisted Grant to see to him before his time was up. Miss Emma wanted grant to guide jefferson in the right direction and help find himself before his life was up. During his visit to the jail with Miss Emma and Reverend Ambrose in Chapter 24, Grant walks with Jefferson and communicates

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