Reflection On A Wheel

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As the wheel goes around so does life. This wheel seems to be an image about the emotions of change. At the top of the wheel is happiness, things that are normal and well. The wheel turns with a clockwise movement. Change begins, as the turn occurs you are no longer in the same position you where because you may seem upside down and feel like you are falling through space with distress. This can often be described as a feeling of loss. As the movement continues to the bottom of the wheel you may feel like life has pulled you down. In this place you feel like your suffering. Once the wheel starts to turn again you begin to feel the rise to the top, and hope that once again you will reach the place of happiness. The lessons you obtain during the turning and how you process through these experiences give you back the momentum to continue. Understanding that we are always in one of these position on the wheel we remember that happiness is where we want to be. When in the place we are succeeding we are comfortable and we are not falling apart. There could be a variety of events have signaled this change which usually means that you need to let go of what is not working and open yourself up to a new path. Again the wheel will turn, you job is to try to turn the wheel as quickly as possible. Your positive thoughts and actions will make that happen. As you follow the wheel into suffering you begin the phase of transition, you are either allowing the suffering to

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