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NAME : MUHAMMAD AL AMEEN BIN MOHAMED IBRAHIM STUDENT UEL ID : u1443678 STUDENT ID : 1440106-BJ MODULE CODE : CN1041 MODULE NAME : PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE & DEVELOPMENT INTAKE CODE : BSE10914F DATE SUBMISSION : 28 APRIL 2015 LECTURER’S NAME : MR ZAINUDIN JOHARI CONTENT No. Content Page 1 Introduction 2 Personal Development Plan : • Self-reflection Table • Future Plan • Log Book • Personal Development Plan 3 Bibliography skills 4 Personal evaluation : • Own roles • Responsibilities • Time management 5 Team work 6 Four skills : • Research Management • Communication • Computing • Writing and presenting conference material 7 Conclusion 8 Reference 1.0 Introduction In this paper, I had given a task to submit a portfolio designed to help me critically reflect on the academic skills that I have achieved through the undertaking of the group assignment that I did before this. Based on the assign, I had made portfolio about myself in the form of Personal Development Plan, Self-reflection and Resume about myself as per my lecture advice. I had taken this chance to study about myself and making some plan in my future by doing the personal development plan into three categories: short term plan, mid-term plan, and long term plan. This will help me to plan my future. I also had included some of my future dream in the personal development plan to achieve the dream. In the self-reflection, I had explain briefly about my strength, weakness, threat and opportunity.

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