Reflection On Alcoholics Anonymous Group Meeting

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In my experience of observing Alcoholics Anonymous group, it was a great experience. In my experience, I notice a lot of things in the Alcoholic Anonymous group. The first thing I notice while observing the group session is they have Alcoholics Anonymous bible that read a section every session. They read the same passage that discuss that how important it is to keep all information that is said in the group confidential. They were vey clear with that information. In my first session, the group started with a silent prayer, and read Alcoholic announcement. Next, the reader introduced the group leader. The group leader stated that goals that needs to be accomplish in this group which is stay sober day by day. The group leader also discuss in the group session about alcoholism. The group leader stated that alcoholism is a disease, and alcoholism progress and a chronic disorder. It affects the individual physical and mentally. Alcoholism is incurable and fatal. The group leader was very humorous and stated that many people who are nonalcoholic called alcoholics weak, crazy, and a sinner. Within describing the group dynamics, the reader’s tone of voice wasn’t clear and it was hard to hear them. The leader of the group was outstanding. The leader had the group members attention throughout the…show more content…
comfort in position for authority to lead; and the ability to tune in to others feelings, reactions, moods, and words” (Jacobs, E. E., Masson, R. L., Harvill, R. L., & Schimmel, C. J., 2016, p. 25). The natural leadership of the AA group session I attend was also great tone of voice and keeping the group members attentive throughout the session. The group members were very comfortable with the group members, the leaders were like by the group members, and the leader never used his mislead his authority toward the group

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