Reflection On Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

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Attending each 12-step meeting was interesting, yet frightening too. Surprised at how different the population was among each meeting. In the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings there were more of an older generation, where in the Narcotics Anonymous there were more of a younger generations. I noticed in the Narcotics Anonymous meeting there were a lot of people who were wearing ankle monitors from the justice center, but out of the three Alcoholics Anonymous (I know we only had to attend two AA meetings-long story on how/why I ended up attending three) meetings I attended there were only two people I recall seeing with ankle monitors compared to four or five to the one Narcotics Anonymous meeting.
In the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings the members
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The first Al-anon meeting I found was located on the back of a pamphlet I received from one of the AA meetings I attended. It was at a church on a Sunday evening at 8 p.m. I arrived a few minutes early to make sure I could find the meeting room with enough time before the meeting started. Once I found the meeting room I noticed that there was no one in there and the meeting would be starting in five minutes. A few minutes later another woman came in. She explained to me that she comes to this meeting every week and that she didn’t understand why no one was there. She went to grab the materials and calendar and when she came back she told me that she had forgotten that the last Sunday of the month that they don’t have the Al-anon meeting. The woman asked if I had ever been to an AA meeting. I told her that I had actually been to two AA meetings. She told me that she was going to go and attend the AA meeting down the hall and that she would recommend that I go to it because it was a speaker meeting. She asked if I had been to a speaker meeting before, I replied that I had not. I decided that I would since I was already there even though I already had my two AA meetings. Once I sat down in the room I realized that it was the same leader as the last AA discussion meeting I attended and that it was not a speaker

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