Reflection On Anxiety

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Anxiety is a feeling of worry, and typical uneasiness of situations in life that lead can have an outcome related to stress. This definition of concern is one that I can easily relate to because while journaling for the past week, I realized whenever I become anxious, it leads to immediate stress. The experiences that I have had with anxiety in the last seven days have been mainly veered toward my education, relationships, and self-esteem. The concern I had with my school work this week, have been worry regarding whether I was smart enough to be in the major I applied for, or if it is what God has planned for me. I struggle daily with whether I am fulfilling that of God’s purpose in my life by studying the major I am, and I worry that I will…show more content…
In this app, there are relaxation techniques for sleep, self-esteem, being happier, connecting to a purpose, when you are feeling overwhelmed and for managing stress. Ironically, I was recently introduced to this app about a week ago from another class, and it has helped me to cope with my anxiety very well this past week. At least once a day, I participated in relaxation techniques to calm my mind and release the tension of my muscles. By meditating, I felt happier and more energized with the tasks at hand that I was able to calm my worries to sleep better each night. Also, whenever I felt anxious about school work or tests, I made sure to put my phone on do not disturb and strictly focus on my work because I felt relieved that I was being productive and striving to better my grades. That may not be a typical coping skill, but I find it helpful to set aside specific times each day where I work on only homework without disruptions to relieve the stress I have regarding tests and finishing assignments on time. With the importance of friendships, I choose to talk to a friend each day about how I was feeling about the situation at hand and what I felt like the best response could be. This coping skill helped me because I was able to trust a friend to talk about our situation to better our relationship and…show more content…
The humanistic perspective of anxiety is based off people not looking at themselves honestly, and not accepting their worth. Whereas, the cognitive aspect of anxiety states that a person has a faulty-thinking process and irrational assumptions. I think these two theories help me the most because I believe that at times I have faulty-assumptions about myself, which lead me to worry, as well as not accepting my worth or purpose in

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