Reflection On BRN Meeting

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During my visit to the BRN meeting, I observed disciplinary hearings in which former nurses could petition to have their licenses reinstated or petition the length of a probation period. Death threats, gross negligence, and drug and alcohol abuse were some violations performed by these nurses. This presented an opportunity for me to have an outsider’s perspective on the situations presented and learn about some qualities that a nurse should or should not have. For instance, multiple bags of drugs were found in the possession of a nurse while on duty. When questioned by her supervisor about these drugs, she was dishonest. Then investigators questioned her, and again she was dishonest. Her license was revoked and she attended rehabilitation…show more content…
She was working in the emergency department, and a patient was admitted with a stab wound. The client had been stable during her shift, but while giving report to the oncoming nurse she was informed by the nursing assistant about the bleeding and the decreased blood pressure, and failed to treat the patient. She explained that it was a very busy day and the severity of the wound had not been discovered by the physician when a liver laceration was not seen during an imaging process. She did not have a good relationship with her coworkers, and she stated this situation gave her the opportunity to examine herself from others’ perspective. This is essential to consider to effectively communicate with others and gain insight about yourself. I thought this situation was very compelling because it was something that could have happened to anyone on a bad day. I do believe that she will get her license back due to her being able to be humbled by the situation, take responsibility for her actions, and for having the ability to put herself into others’ shoes to gain some valuable insight. After considering these situations, I have greater awareness about the qualities a nurse should have. Dishonesty is a characteristic will ruin one’s reputation and damage their credibility. On the other hand, having integrity is a vital nursing value that can be displayed
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