Reflection On Becoming A Member Of The National Honor Society

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When I first learned that I could potentially become a member of the National Honor Society, I wanted to achieve to become a member. I know this organization does great deeds for the community all around the world; I would definitely take pride to be in the organization that ensures that a difference will be made. I would also like to generate a difference in my generation along with others. National Honor Society always recognizes students that are exemplary in and outside of school. For instance, my GPA is 3.9 as my grades are my top priority in school and that is what colleges will be looking at along with other criteria’s. I put effort to always keep my grades as they are right now. As I am typing this essay I am more than determined to do better in school not just my grades but also my leadership skills and my characteristics. Although, I’m not as involved as other students, I take pride in being eligible for being able to participate in the National Honor Society. As the year goes on I will be as involved as I can be in school to be able to attain a greater aspect of myself.…show more content…
When there is a project in one of my classes I’m always the leader, but I always make sure to listen to my peers’ ideas. Although being a leader can be suitable, it is not about one person taking charge or doing all the work, it is about collaboration of your peers and working as one. In order to contribute to The National Honor Society, I will be pursing others to do well in school to become part of an organization that will help the community and themselves. Therefore, The National Honor Society should find me as a suitable asset to their society. If I am accepted into this society, it will be an honor thus the name National Honor
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