Reflection On Becoming The New President Of National Honor Society

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Mr. Lipp could I come in? I walked into the principal’s office considering if I had what it takes to convince him. The reason I joined National Honor Society was to give back to my community. Unfortunately, upon getting into the society and going to a few meetings I realized that our relatively new nature as a charter limited our resources. As a result, NHS had to do inadequate events that were short lived. I knew that we needed different approaches that would resolve the issues that were inhibited our actual potential as a society. So I began to consider new methods we could execute so things would change. In order to administer my ideas, I had brewing, I decided to run for president.

Unfortunately, I had lost two presidential elections before, but I still thought there was a slight chance I could win. Election day went by pretty quickly, before long my losing-streak stopped and I became the new president of NHS. Becoming president was a great honor, but it wasn 't easy being in charge. I had no prior experience to help me. All I knew was that I had to do something in order to reach the society 's full potential.
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We thought of multiple ideas such as talent shows, food drives, clothing drives, peer tutoring, senior shadow day, skills day, and field trips. All of them were detailed with descriptions almost down to the minute. It was up to me to convince the administrators why our ideas could better the community. I learned how to send formal emails to our principal for exactly that purpose. However, our propositions for the events aforementioned were denied. It was devastating to hear since we worked so hard to come up with the ideas. I felt as if I had failed as a

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