Reflection On Behavioural Behaviour

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Throughout my duration of learning organizational behaviour, I came across a lot of things related to my attitude that I didn’t think about so far. While studying about different attitudes, I realized that our emotion is actually the manifestation of our own attitude. If I look at the attitude I carried, in my earlier organization, the cognitive and affective aspects of attitude were more predominant in me than the behavioural one. Often times, my behavioural attitude would not reflect the cognitive and affective one; and since there was a lack of synchronization between these three aspects, I didn’t enjoy peace of mind most of the time. From the lessons I learnt recently about attitude, I deciphered that not only having a positive attitude is a must in our life but that positivity should stay in all the three aspects- cognitive, affective and behavioural. If I look at my performance in my previous job, it was pretty decent and above average. But I won’t say that it always showed a steady positive linear or exponential growth over time. Now, when I dig deeper into it, I get to see the real picture. Psychological empowerment and job involvement was often the drives to good performances in my case. But when it came to my perception of job satisfaction, the performance curve took a dip. I realize now, why is it important for an organization to pay heed to the job satisfaction levels for its employees. Job satisfaction builds a positive attitude amongst employees that is needed

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