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In an interview with a clinician in a Chicago Hospice dealing with marriage and family therapy among individuals and families who are in crisis, the clinician termed burnout and compassion fatigue as the most challenging aspects of his work. Burnout and compassion fatigue is brought about by instances of empathy for the patients as well as failing to meet productivity standards.
The clinician said that they use self-reflection to deal with the challenges of burnout and compassion fatigue. The self-reflection strategies help the interviewee to identify the emotions they are feeling and the reasons behind such feelings. Such may be as a result of non-work related activities, which would help out in distinguishing between the two.
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Other interventions include post-traumatic growth, perception of self, interpersonal relationships, and philosophy of life.
What the clinician shared during the interview fits the information learned in class on counseling. Counseling is crucial in coping with burnout and compassion fatigue. Therapy sessions allow MFTs to share what they are going through with a professional and thus get assistance on how to cope with either burnout of compassion fatigue. One can also get help from support groups, which can be therapeutic for nurses suffering from burnout and compassion fatigue and burnout since it allows them to share what they are going through with others who are in the same situation.
The self-care habits that one would use to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue include exercising, getting enough bed rest, walking, yoga, and meditation. These strategies are used to prevent compassion fatigue and burnout. It is crucial for MFTs to use self-reflection after a difficult day at work since it allows them to pinpoint the emotions they are feeling as well as the reason they are feeling them. These emotions may not be directly related to a patient with crisis but arising from a situation in their personal

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