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Capstone Reflection Student Name: Subject / Class: Describe the attached evidence: My attached piece of evidence is everything I’ve done to get to the point of presenting my booktrack to the class. Many artifacts will represent several Student Learning Capacities. Explain how the attached evidence proves your achievement of the capacities that follow. Write about ALL that apply. Capstone SLC Descriptors The best reflections will show the thinking and actions that went into finishing this assignment as well as the process. Critical Thinker and Inquirer I have used this skill to defer which lead (How they start the story) is used.I used this skill by finding the lead intros and outros for several books to fill…show more content…
I have also used technology to grade my papers using paper rater and I have used haiku to turn in assignments. I Now reflect on the task by doing the following: Discuss the subject content (i.e., What science or math concepts did you learn? What did you learn about argumentative writing? What did you learn about history?) Describe the process you used in completing the performance task. Explain how the skills or capacities you used in completing this task will be used beyond high school (college, career, etc.) Reflection (discuss the process you took to complete this assignment) I learned many different skills on the way of making my booktrack short story. I learned how to pick out the small details for the 2 packets I did and my story.I also learned how to write dialogue from the activity of finding different types of leads a few weeks ago. I learned how to get used to presenting from when we presented to our groups near the beginning. Making the poster for a scene in the book “The house on mango street” helped me visualize the scene. We have done several other things that I have forgotten. The process for making my booktrack short story started with getting 2 ideas for a story and making a diagram for both to see which would be best, that’s when I chose to make my story about my oss trip. I made a different diagram about where the dialogue was going to be. I then started typing up my short story and added music and sound
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