CELTA Reflective Essay

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Through all the CELTA course I have been observing and taking notes of many classes from my peers, trainers and experienced teachers. From those notes, this essay will focus on 4 specific areas. Those areas are error correction, setting tasks, pace, and concept checking questions. Observing a class from one of my peers I was able to take very good examples of error correction, including immediate and delayed error correction. During feedbacks, the teacher immediately encouraged self-correction whenever the students made a mistake using different techniques. The techniques the teacher used were finger correction for missing words, mark the stress for pronunciation problems and body language to suggest students to use longer sentences. At the end of the class, the teacher did a…show more content…
The teacher went through all the stages giving the proper time to each one; without wasting any time. The students were always engaged and were doing the tasks in the time limit established by the teacher. The best examples of concept checking questions I extracted are from a peer’s class. The teacher, after each task, asked simple and concise questions to perfectly check the meaning (when introducing new vocabulary), and the context (after each task). After the questions, the students had the context clear. By reading my feedbacks and remembering my previous classes, including my peer's and trainer's comments, I was able to identify my strengths. One of my strengths is setting the context. In my trainer's written feedback and in the tutorial, setting the context is highlighted. Also, during the feedback session, my peers said that I always set the context properly and accurate. In one of the classes, I showed students a few pictures and asked a very simple question. The students almost immediately told me the answer which was the topic of the

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