Animal Farm Reflective Essay

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The last lesson on character development was on direct and indirect characters. The objectives for the students was to apply their understanding of direct and indirect characterization by filling out a direct/indirect worksheet with 80% accuracy. My instructional input started with discussing schema and inferencing and the importance of both in order to determine what some character traits might be. I then showed them a powerpoint that went over indirect and direct characterization and gave them some examples. As I was discussing, I supplied them with a direct/indirect characterization graphic organizer to place in their notebook. For the guided practice, I played a few video clips from movies that the class and I had watched and discussed indirect/direct characterization with the scenes we watched. .For their independent…show more content…
When the students finished up their projects for their core class, they started on a new book, Animal Farm. The next few lessons focused on helping them to understand what type of book Animal Farm was. These lessons were associated with Standard 2 (CCSS: RI.9-10.6) and (CCSS. RI.9-10.2). Since Orwell uses allegory in this book, I taught a lesson about what allegory is. The student objective was for the students to read Aesop fables and be able to identify and analyze the literal and symbolic meaning of the fables two out of three times. In this lesson my instructional input included having the students write the definition of allegory in their interactive notebook. I gave them some examples of allegory in text and in movies. We talked about Animal Farm and the Russian Revolution, plus, we talked about who each character represented. As a class, we looked at the story, Tortoise and the Hare, and talked about the symbolism and what the story meant. When we finished discussing that story, I had them work independently on a worksheet that had three of Aesop's fables to identify the literal and symbolic meanings of each short

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