Reflection On Child Assessment

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Assessment one. 1. This report shall focus on a meeting that I attended this year to consider the transition and progress of a child within their education setting. I shall explore the structure and description of the meeting and who attended and look at a range of factors that influenced the outcome of the meeting, and what played a role in the communication of the parties involved. In addition I will be summarizing the partnership and looking at the organizational background the meeting and those who were in attendance. The meeting I attended takes place for each pupil in the school on a twice yearly , in addition to discussing the child 's educational progress the goal of the meeting was to discuss the transition of the pupil from primary to secondary school and what provisions were to be put into place to make this happen. There was a collaboration of different agencies which include Headteacher, teacher, Enhanced sla, speech and Occupational therapists, health visitors, residential care workers, socail worker, out reach key worker, parent of the pupil, clinical physiologist and the school nurse. As you can imagine having a meeting with all these professionals was daunting and I work with them on a daily basis so I cannot begin to imagine how the pupils parent must have been feeling. The meeting takes place with the headteacher leading the meeting and inviting each agency to state their preferences and to detail a short report on the pupils progress. Each agency
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