Reflection On Christian Behavior

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Why do think C.S Lewis wrote an entire section on Christian Behavior?
I believe that Lewis wanted to convey the reality that there is a distinction between Christian behavior and the comportment exhibited by those that do not believe, or rather run contrary to what the Bible teaches. In other words, he wanted to reveal some of the disparity between the two, and highlight the efficiencies demonstrated in Christian behavior, with the exception that not all Christians exhibit perfect behavior, but that we are just as capable as the next person of evincing behavior that is quite antagonistic to what God desires in us. Additionally, I believe that he wanted to share the wisdom that he has been given and disseminate his thoughts concerning Christian conduct. In other words, I believe that he wanted to preach, and thus obey the Great Commission. Admittedly, and in my personal assessment, it is almost as if he truly enjoyed sharing his thoughts concerning this topic in this book.

What role does morality play in the church and society today?
Rae (2009) noted that “morality refers to the actual content of right and wrong” (p. 15). I believe that morality gives the body of Christ certain parameters and guidelines upon which to follow as we traverse through a fallen world. Lewis (2015) echoed this sentiment when noted that “moral rules are directions for running the human machine” (p. 69). Additionally, Jesus tells us in His Word that “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”
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