Reflection On Class 20 Spot Inspection

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On January 7, 2016, class 20 had a spot inspection. Class 20 had made numerous mistakes last week and was acting unprofessional. The class was acting as if they were still in the first two weeks of the academy. There are still recruits who are still talking over the platoon leaders and not being respectful. Recruits were missing parts of their uniform last week and had their firearms taken away. As of this past Friday, this class has lost the privilege of wearing any of the academy uniforms. I had all of the materials and uniforms that was asked for during today’s inspection. The only item taken away from me during the inspection was my boots. During the middle of the spot inspection, every recruit was told to go back to the locker room to gather more items. I had placed my boots underneath my chair before I left. When I returned with all of the required items, I realized that my boots was no longer underneath my chair. Sergeant Davis then asked the classroom if any of the recruits had any items taken away since they were gone. I was one of the recruits who raised my hand and stated that my boots were gone. As for why my boots were taken away, it was because they were not properly placed down correctly. I had originally thought that it was because my boots was slightly sticking out …show more content…

When I left to gather more items from the locker room, I was certain that I placed my boots in the correct position. I realized that because it was slightly sticking out from underneath my chair, another recruit could have possible kicked it by accident. Being that everyone was in a rush and that I know how my boots were positioned, it could have been possible. Regardless whether or not this happened, I will take the responsibility. If I did not place my boots down correctly, it is my fault. If another recruit kicked it by accident, it is my fault for having my boots stick-out slightly from my

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