Reflection On Classroom Management

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As we near the end of my first year of teaching, there are many areas upon which to reflect great growth in myself and in my students. It is important to notice great achievements that have occurred, even if in small baby steps over the past six months. This can be seen through reflection of my personal growth in classroom management, my students’ writing skills progress, and the achievement of TEPG propositions 4 and 5.
Professional Goal
To plan and implement class management strategies and routines that decrease misbehaviors and increase learning time and engagement. As a new teacher, it has been important to establish many strategies that help my students to become more independent, especially to create an environment in which students can be safe and engaged. Achieving this goal can be measured through misbehavior and positive reward data (for individuals and the whole class), observations from my mentor and administrator, and the organization and visuals seen in my classroom. The first component, misbehaviors and positive reward data, was originally supposed to be measured through class dojo point tracking. Although this data showed initial improvements and a good ratio of positive rewards to consequences, it began to level out and lose effectiveness around November/December. For that reason, I chose to use alternate strategies to motivate the whole class, including a new token system using unifix cubes as a more tangible “point” and using punch-cards for checking in
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